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Pies and Prejudice by Stuart Maconie

This was the first nonfiction book the book group had done, and it was interesting to see the two camps opinions were split into: those who related to the book and shared memories with the author, and those who had serious misgivings about sections, whilst loving other parts.*

The group also included those who knew the author’s prior work (as a music journalist, notably with NME, as a broadcaster with the BBC, etc), and those whose first introduction to his body of work was through this book. Those who knew his work agreed that his ‘voice’ came through in his writing. Those who didn’t still liked the way historical ‘fact’# was blended into personal narrative, peopled by memorable ‘characters’. Some of the histories that came up specifically were those of sport (especially football and rugby, working men’s clubs, and of course, given the title of the book, pies).+

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