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Toby’s Room by Pat Barker

Due to the subject of the book – the First World War, and its treatment – drawing extensively on real people’s experiences, and turning them into characters, whether under their own names (Henry Tonks, Ottoline Morell) or other names (Kit Neville, Paul Tarrant), this was the first book club discussion that looked at resources outside of the book.

Jacquie (W) had looked up Kit Neville (aka C.R.W Nevinson) and his work, and her research led her to the Wolfsonian Library, and its book club discussion. Very valuably, the notes contain resources contained in the library’s archives, and provide a fascinating look at some of the war paintings discussed at length in the book.

Henry Tonks’s surgery–art synthesis takes up a lot of the book too, so I wondered if some of his work was available online. I thought this article might be an interesting starting point for learning more about this –

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